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Flash Animation Adelaide

Digital Lamb is an Adelaide Flash animation and graphic design studio servicing clients nationally and throughout the United States and Europe. We offer Flash animated greeting cards, interactive tutorials and e-learning activities.

Why Use Flash?

Flash is the industry standard for web animation due to its incredible scripting abilities combined with the tiny file sized which is a result of the vector based artwork. There really isn't another medium that offers so much versatility, and yet is so widely accessible by the community. Most people already have the Adobe Flash Plug-in installed on their machines so the content loads seamlessly into their browser. The interactive content is often not recognised as being Flash, rather it's just seen as a highly interactive, engaging website.

Unfortunately for every engaging Flash website out there, there's a dozen bad sites. You really need to have a good understanding of design foundations, interface design as well as interactive design in order to produce a project that's going to have maximum impact. This is particularly important in the e-learning sphere where so many courses are text based. It's critical that you include interactive, engaging activities that are going to hold your audience's attention. No one likes reading pages and pages of text or else they would be reading a text book. The best e-learning programs mix sound, animation, quizzes and activities with their text in order to deliver their message. Without doubt the best platform to author this kind of project is Adobe Flash.

If you would like to deal with a professional Flash development team, then give us a call
on (08) 8232 1400.